Dog & cat rehoming and cat & dog rescue good practice by ADCH
Dog & cat rehoming and cat & dog rescue good practice by ADCH
Dog & cat rehoming and cat & dog rescue good practice by ADCH

About the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats. Our members are dedicated to dog rescue & cat rescue.

Membership incorporates registered charities and not for profit organisations of all sizes. Our priority is to ensure that rescue dogs and cats get the best possible chance of new loving and caring homes.

A Code of Practice booklet has been compiled and is promoted by the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes. It aims to raise standards amongst animal rescue organisations that care for dogs and cats with the overall aim of enhancing their public respect.

The Code sets an agreed minimum level of care afforded to dogs and cats kept by rescue organisations and is made up of the following chapters:

  1. Animal Welfare - Good Practice, Animal Housing, Bedding, Temperature, Lighting, Ventilation, Cleanliness, Litter Trays, Routines, Exercise, Grooming, Supervision, Disease Control, Feeding Equipment & Storage, Emergency Action, Veterinary Care, Transport of Animals, Behaviour Modification, Training of Animals, Euthanasia & Welfare Legislation
  2. Rehoming Practices - Animal Assessment, Owners Assessment, Permanent Identification, Neutering & Owner Support
  3. Legal Requirements - Proper Legal Structure, Bank Accounts, Animal Welfare Legislation, Health & Safety, Staff Care/Equal Opportunities Statement & Insurance
  4. Starting a new Charity - Questions to ask before setting up a charity
  5. Administration - Records & Staff Training
  6. General Animal Acts
  7. Useful Contacts

Download our code of practice here.

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The Association acts within a Constitution approved by all members.

Download our Constitution here.

As a membership organisation, the ADCH inevitably collects and processes a limited amount of personal data and information for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the Association, including organising meetings and the annual Conference. The Management Committee has developed a Data Protection policy setting out how the Association will comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please contact the Secretary with any queries

Download our Data Protection Policy here


Secretary - Peter Laurie
Retired Greyhound Trust

Park House : : Park Terrace : : Worcester Park : : Surrey : : KT4 7JZ


The Association of Dogs & Cats Homes (ADCH) promotes best practice in animal welfare through dog and cat rescue and rehoming organisations.

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