About the Coronavirus Emergency Fund


The Association of Dogs & Cats Homes (ADCH) has come together with other partners in the sector to create the ADCH Coronavirus Emergency Fund.  Funds of up to £10,000 will be released to help Animal Rescues in desperate need for financial support.


Purpose of the Fund

The Fund has been established to help pay for the immediate needs of rescue and rehoming charities during this response phase and, further down the line, to help get them back to business as usual as they recover from the crisis.


Who can apply?

Applicants need not be ADCH members, but rescue and rehoming of dogs and cats should be a major focus of their work.

Applicants must also:


– Be a registered charity, CIC or not-for-profit organisation, based in UK or ROI.

– Have an organisational bank account

– Commit to provide details of spend and basic reporting on impact of the grant


Note – We will only be able to offer one grant to a registered Charity as logged with the Charity Commission. Therefore, if you are a branch of a large National Organisation, with whom you share the registered Charity Number, please check with your Head Office first and ask for their commendation, before submitting your application.


Grants will be prioritised for

– Organisations with an annual turnover of £500,000 or less

– Emergency additional provisions such as food, bedding, cleaning equipment (humans and animals)

– Additional transportation costs whether this be in taking animals to vet appointments/new homes

– Additional staff costs – due to staff/volunteers not being able to attend the rescue/shelter

– Support towards funding lost as a result of a fundraising event having to be cancelled as a direct result, charity shop closed, etc

– Utilities such as rent, heat and regular staff salary costs

– There will also be a discretionary fund for larger charities with particular difficulties that put their sustainability at risk

– This list is not exhaustive and other areas of expenditure will be considered


If we receive more applications than we have funds to support, priority will go to those rescues who have not yet received emergency funding from Support Adoption for Pets Emergency Fund, the Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust Emergency fund and other National Animal Organisation Emergency Funds.


How much can organisations apply for?

Organisations can apply for up to £10,000 but depending on numbers of applicants, you may not receive the full amount.

There will also be an opportunity for Rescues to access Gifts (food) from Sector suppliers.  Details and ways to tap into this resource will be communicated through ADCH Mailing.


Application process and timescales

Download Application Form and Grant Application Guidelines (see links below)

On receipt of an application you will receive an acknowledgement and a reference number which you must use in subsequent communications.

You will receive an outcome to your application within one week of receipt and payment within two weeks.

Once the immediate emergency has passed successful applicants will be asked to provide a very short report and a couple of photos/quotes on the activity made possible through the funding.

Deadline for receipt of an application is as follows: –

Deadline for application

Applicant informed of outcome

Payment made by date

Friday 1st May Friday 8th May Friday 15th May
Friday 8th May Friday 15th May Friday 22nd May
Friday 5th June Friday 12th June Friday 19th June





Thanks to our donors

We would like to thank our generous donors for making this Fund possible.




If you need any assistance with your application please email grants@battersea.org.uk