Coronavirus FAQ


Where can I find the most up to date information and advice in relation to COVID-19?

I am an ADCH Member and have a specific concern about the impact of COVID-19 on my organisation. Where is the best place for me to raise these concerns?

Where can I find out the latest information about access to grants and funding?

When can I get advice about operational issues within my organisation?

I want more information about the furloughing scheme and how this can support my staff. Where can I find this?

I have concerns about governance issues for my organisation during the lockdown period. Where can I get further information?

I can offer support to other members of the ADCH. How can I best inform others about this?

What further guidance can I find in relation to COVID-19 and running my Chairity?

Where can I get information about access to Personal Protective Equipment to support me and members of staff in our frontline roles?

I run an animal-related business. Where can I find the latest guidance which relates to me?

I am really concerned about the future for my organisation. What is the ADCH doing about the long-term implications of this crisis?

Is my organisation still able to continue rehoming animals during lockdown?


Is there a procedure for safely taking in animals from households with suspected COVID-19?