Giving Your Pet Up for Adoption


Please note that ADCH is a Membership organisation for Animal Rescues, we ourselves do not take in or rehome animals.
Rescues across the British Isles and Ireland are taking the threat posed by COVID-19 extremely seriously. At this present moment staff and volunteers are working day and night to ensure plans are in place to care for their animals whilst dealing with the severe restrictions placed on them by travel and the self-isolation requirements.
As Coronavirus has impacted on the number of staff available to look after animals many rescues have had to suspend all new intake until further notice.
We recommend searching for your nearest Rescue and checking their website for their latest update.  Please be understanding that due to limited resources Rescues may not be able to check emails or phone systems as often as they might normally.
Search for your local rescue here
There are lots of links to useful information on how to look after your pet during the current COVID-19 crisis here