ADCH Know-How


ADCH Know-How is exclusive to Members and aims to provide a single source of information to help you run your rescue and rehoming charity, which could be anything from Governance, Fundraising and Volunteers to Animal Welfare, Rehoming and Training as well as everything in between.


The content is a mix of recordings of ADCH Conference presentations and links to external videos or documents, some of which have been supplied by other ADCH members. We will continue to add new content as it becomes available and ultimately we plan to develop our own bespoke ADCH content to meet the needs of our members. We also ask that you let us know if there is any specific information that you are looking for which will also be useful to fellow ADCH members as well.


You can access ADCH Know-How Here

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ADCH Members Covid Facebook Group


The closed Facebook Group has been set up for ADCH Members and those whose initial assessment has been postponed due to coronavirus (so that they are not losing out on ADCH support at this difficult time).


The purpose of the group is to enable members to receive dedicated information from the Association in relation to dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, and share information and resources between members that may be of use to the wider network in operating during this difficult time.


You can access the Facebook Group Here


ADCH Forum


The ADCH Forum has been established to support the free and easy sharing of information between member organisations.


The Forum is structured to allow major topics (items of interest) to be posted on the forum as enquiries and for members to submit their own views and experiences. Messages posted on the forum are all openly visible to all members to maximise the value of information exchange.


You can access the ADCH Forum Here

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