Emergency Food Donations


Mars Pet Care, Purina and Nature Diet have kindly provided us with pallets of food to distribute to rescues in need. They have been shipped free of charge to members who have kindly taken a number of pallets each to aid wider distribution around the UK. Rescues will need to arrange with these members to collect the food they need, in advance of travel.


A full copy of the procedure to arrange your collection is available here. Please read this carefully.


If you are able to collect for other rescues (including non-ADCH members in your area who are in need) at the same time this would be beneficial to keep travel to a minimum in line with the Government’s guidance, reduce footfall at collection sites, and ease the number of collections for our members to manage. It goes without saying that we ask all rescues to only take what they need. Stock will be given on a first come, first served, basis. We will aim to source further donations for as long as is needed, advertised in the bulletins and closed Facebook group.


Members can view stock and contact details here


We have provided all members with details of the password – please let us know if you need us to resend it to you.


As per the procedure, it is vital that you let us know what you have collected so that we can keep an eye on stock levels, and we will provide you with a press pack in return to promote the donations you have received. We are obviously very grateful to those companies who have donated significant quantities of food to help our sector at this difficult time; please do take a moment to thank them too such as through your social media channels. They would love to see pictures of your cats and dogs tucking into their donations. Further donations of vital supplies to help the animals in members’ care are in the pipeline.


A tremendous thank you to the members who have taken these donations in for onward distribution, it simply would not be possible without them and we are all very grateful for taking on the additional workload at this already challenging time.  If your rescue may be able to help by acting as a collection point for future donations, please get in touch with clare@adch.org.uk