About ADCH Membership Scheme


One of the most important attributes of ADCH is the close personal link Members have with each other. We really do live by our values of collaboration, respect, inclusion and support every day. There is no sense of hierarchy or divide; we do not segregate the large from the small, the paid staff from the volunteers. We are all like-minded, dedicated and passionate colleagues working in the hard and challenging world of animal welfare together.

Membership Categories and Criteria

The Association offers two categories of Membership. Please check details here before applying.

Why Become a Member?

Check out the variety of benefits available to ADCH Members here.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are on a sliding scale based on your income as submitted to the Charity Commission.  The current Annual Membership  Fee is as follows: –

Band Annual Income Fee
A More than £10m £3,500
B £5m – £10m £1,500
C £1m – £5m £500
D £0.5m – £1m £250
E £0.25m – £0.5m £150
F Less than £0.25m £45


How to Apply for Membership

If you are applying for Full Membership please find details of our application process here


If you are applying for Affiliate Membership please Contact Us to discuss