ADCH Membership – How to become a Member


The ADCH promotes best practice in animal welfare for dogs and cats. Our members are dedicated to dog rescue & cat rescue.

We offer two categories of membership: Full and Affiliate.

Please see here for details of the categories and our criteria for membership.

To apply for Full Membership, please download an application form:

– Click here to download a version for electronic completion

– Click here to download a version to print and post

If you wish to apply for Affiliate Membership please contact the Memberships Officer, Clare Radlett (

Completed application forms for membership should then be submitted to the Memberships Officer and once received the Application will be handled in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedure #1 that can be read here.

If your application is approved, the Treasurer will invoice you for the membership fee. Please note that the membership fee is based on your organisation’s gross annual income and is charged on a pro-rata basis.

Should you have any questions about membership or the process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Memberships Officer, Clare Radlett (

We look forward to receiving your membership application.

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